Contestant Qualifications​
Each contestant in the Florida LeatherSir and Leatherboy contests: 

  2. must be legally male and identify as a Leatherman (LeatherSir contestants) or boy (Leatherboy contestants) in the leather community;

  4. must have a demonstrated interest in leather, BDSM or fetishes, as determined by the judging panel; 

  5. must be a resident of the FLS/b region that he represents, unless an exception has been granted by ILS/b after consultation with the sponsors    of the regions in which the contestant wishes to compete and in which the contestant resides; 

  6. must not hold a current leather title earned in a non-FLSb leather title contest unless approved by FLSb-FCBB; 

  7. must agree to appear onstage wearing appropriate leather and fetish gear and perform an onstage leather sexual fantasy of an explicit nature (while conforming with local regulations, if any, pertaining to nudity and obscenity); 

  8. must own all clothing worn onstage during the contest, except for clothing and props used in the fantasy portion; 

  9. must agree to represent his title, if he wins, throughout his title year and refrain from competing in any other leather title contest until the conclusion of his title year; 

10. must agree to return to the Florida Regional event next year, if he wins, to step aside from his title; 

11. must agree to permit on-stage photographs to be taken of him for the use on the Florida LeatherSIR and Leatherboy Facebook Page and/or web site; 

12. read and agree to the terms of the statement of “What is Expected of the Winners.” 

13. each individual contestant shall donate 1 item to be used in the Raffle Drawing to raise funds for the FLSb-FCBB travel fund. 

14. must have a valid passport at the time of the International competition (Labor Day Weekend) if he wins the Regional Title. 

15. must not have any outstanding warrants of felony conviction at the time of the International competition . 

 All contestants must arrive in the contest location no later than 12:00 pm, Friday, June 14, 2019 and appear in person for all of the scheduled events during the FLS/b-FCBB Weekend.  

FANTASY THEMES Contestants onstage fantasies should showcase their diversity of leather interests. Contestants are encouraged to be creative and expand the boundaries of their individual themes. ​


LeatherSir and Leatherboy contestants shall be scored by panel of judges as outlined below:
    a) Interview - up to 60 points per judge - Each individual contestant will meet with the judging panel offstage prior to the contest to answer the judges’ questions about the contestant’s interest in leather, BDSM and fetishes, knowledge, and willingness and ability to represent the title. 

      b) (Introduction – Speech and Formal Leather/Fetish Wear and LeatherSir or Leatherboy® Image - up to 20 points per judge for speech plus up to 20 points for image - Each individual contestant will appear onstage to introduce himself to the audience and briefly describe his background or interest in the leather community, while wearing the attire that bests represents his LeatherSir or Leatherboy image, 40 total available points. It is not encouraged to expound on a political “platform.” The onstage Introduction shall be no longer than two (2) minutes .

     c) Fantasy - up to 60 points per judge - Each contestant will perform an onstage leather sexual fantasy. The onstage Fantasy shall be no longer than five (5) minutes. If the LeatherSIR contestants choose to include their local Leatherboys in their fantasies, both contestants are scored individually for their participation in the fantasy sequence.

     d) Physique/Jockstrap - up to 40 points per judge - Each individual contestant shall appear onstage in body-revealing attire. This is an opportunity for all contestants to show how comfortable they are in their own skin. This is not based upon who has the best body.

  The time restrictions shall be strictly enforced for each of these categories. The time restrictions and allocation of points may be modified with prior notice to the contestants and local sponsors.

  The straight scoring system will be used through out the entire contest. There will be no Olympic Scoring. 

In the event there is a single contestant in any one Title category, the contestant must make 70% of their Total Max Score to win the title.  


All contestants shall be prohibited from having private meetings or engaging in sexual activity or leather scene play with the judges prior to the announcement of the results. Any behavior that might create even the appearance of bias will be brought to the attention of the head judge, who will decide if the disqualification of the judge and/or contestant is warranted. To avoid accidental violation of this policy, all contestants and judges are required to display their identification badges at all contest events. 

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