In Memoriam

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Florida Leatherboy 2016
February 22, 2018

boy Bruce discovered the BDSM and Leather community later in life and found his place as a service boy very quickly. His entire life was one full of philanthropy and service, but from the moment he submitted his application to compete for the title of Florida Leatherboy, he embraced both his altruistic and his submissive nature with a full heart. He served this community with a huge heart and open arms even when told he was too “old” to be a boy. He was the kind of boy who never said no, always the first to step up and volunteer and never too shy to take the lead and express what was on his mind. He is survived by a leather family who loved him and who learned so much from him. boy Bruce said, “It was here that I found my true self. A boy. The pleasure, joy and fulfillment I now feel is truly wondrous. I look forward to becoming an integral part of both the LBGT and Leather community by bringing my life experiences and talents where needed....”. He lived that everyday.